The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 41 – Out now!

Further to a recent call out for more people to join us to share their story, we were delighted to have spent some time this week with Sem Lee. Sem talks with us about her journey from South Korea at a very early age, to growing up in London and the importance she has always placed on community and making people feel welcomed and part of something. She tells us about the impact of the pandemic on her plans and her motivations for founding Ouri Labs just over a year ago, on a mission to embed human and planetary health at the core of all design. A wonderful and bold ambition. She also talks to us about her work on community led affordable housing and her work as Chair of Forest Community Land Trust which engages her passion for seeking creative ways to deliver more affordable housing. Check it out!


TRANSCRIPT – Episode 41 – Sem Lee – Human and planetary health need to be at the core of all design. COMING SOON!