I am moved to write this as a blog as I ran out of space on Linked In  – which annoys me often!
Here at Ethos we are looking to map action-oriented agendas of people in the social / environmental space, thereby connecting groups around themes.  ( Further to my Linked in post of May 25) I’ve done mine – in short. See the rough scope at at the bottom of this post.

We have a process and way of giving people permission to do this – executed hundreds of times over the years.  Everyone in the Ethos ecosystem (partners, young leaders, employees, volunteers) has this living document called a value exchange (VE). This tracks our stories, our aspirations and so on.  https://www.ethosvo.org/our-value-exchange-dynamic/

We are looking to triangulate three groups from the hundreds of conversations happening across the Ethos network right now. Which group are you involved in?

  1. Finding intersections which lead to more activities involving me which are themed ‘fundraising’ (the portfolio I am leading – see below)
  2. Intersections linked to others in Ethos and group come up with delivery themes that develop things of personal interest to you. It’s a case of connect and organise around those delivery themes.
  3. No Ethos funded/delivered intersections found just now (lack of common resource) but others in the network have. So we connect until Ethos resource catch up.  (Of course you may be interested in pushing something with no other takers – hard luck…. For now anyway.)

What are your social value priorities? How do you currently capture your (non-wage slave) agenda? Would you like to talk? email? find others in the Ethos network? Mentor? We have some processes that can support this at scale.

Let’s do it.

As per my last value exchange meeting (back in May) – these are my themes for the next 3 months.
Segment: Value proposition
  • Business (FS/Tech/Supply chains): Sponsorship
    Delivering direct social + environmental impact AND direct business value through a sponsorship proposition via an annual sponsorship scheme. (We’ve raised many £m’s of charity finance over 10+ year by delivering charitable donations from business sponsorship.)
  • Local/Central Gov: NEET
    Better outcomes for 16-18 youth who are not in Employment Education or Training (aka NEETS/unemployed). Enhanced individual agency via personal data. Enhanced system capability of social actors.
  • Police: System capability
    1. Violence reduction (local gov and VCSEs)
    2. Safer communities = public health approach
    3. Financial sustainability (=sponsorship)
  • Charities/VCSE: Fundraising
    1. “IT for good” projects
    2. System capability through enhanced network of Charity grant recipients who provide sponsorship opportunities
    3.  Youth Work charities refer beneficiaries for support 4/ Joint applications for grant funding.
  • Individuals: Finding your work ‘why’?
    1. Value Exchange as a service. Angel / Equity investment for work platform addressing social issues.
    2. Individual donations to support social / environmental projects.
  • Basic Income financiers (global): Inclusive Work platform.
    Social value through Knowledge Work as a service to BI pilots
  • Employability Service providers: Reduce cost of beneficiary engagement.
    Using the Ethos work platform. Knowledge work as as an employability service for beneficiaries. Kind of ironic, this one.
  • Education (Schools, FE/HE): Improved student satisfaction & work outcomes
    Enhancing curriculum with experiential knowledge work (non-certified). Finding your ‘why?’ workshops and Value Exchange. Employer engagement. Internships.
  • Health & social care: Workforce productivity
    1.  Fundraising for the wellbeing of workers in health + social care
    2.  NHS opportunities for business sponsors and supply chain participants.