Sustainable People and Planet Wellbeing


In a world faced with many challenges from AI jobs displacement to economic inequalities, The Commons Fund offers opportunities to transition to a more sustainable system.  By giving everyone an equal voice through their stories and offering opportunities for meaningful work using the principles of a living wage, the Fund empowers individuals and communities to explore their meaning, purpose and sustainable solutions for a period of up to two years, unlocking bottom-up innovation and an opportunity to discover a post AI future of work.

The Opportunities


Ethos co-Founders

Robert Pye

Robert Pye


Rob left EY in 1999 with colleagues Annabelle and Tony to discover less bureaucratic forms of organi...

Annabelle Lambert

Annabelle Lambert


I want to help. #everystorycounts #workredefined #systemchange #valueexchange #humancentric #peoplec...

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