Image by Kemal ATLI

At Bayline, now we have lockdown restrictions firmly behind us, we’re helping Sutton council understand usage of their open spaces. In Beddington Park, our IoT sensor trial, sponsored by the South London Partnership has started to show distinct occupancy patterns during school holidays, and over the weekends.

When we designed the sensor network and dashboard analytics, we expected to see a clear threshold above which congestion increases sharply. With 6+ months of data behind us, and successful testing of our Analyser occupancy function, we can see these thresholds for different zones within the project boundaries. and can use this to predict future problems and allow Sutton to plan accordingly. We can also issue alerts as occupancy exceeds defined limits and the likely threshold is approaching.

London Borough of Sutton Dashboard Analytics

Our dashboard allows us to filter and compare occupancy, both live and historic, and either view data graphically or extract the data for further analysis and reporting.

Bay Occupancy Dashboard

Our functionality to track length of parking sessions has been well received. This helps flag stays of more than a few minutes on non parking areas so we can trigger instant alerts when access routes are blocked. We can group these sessions to show separate usage of residents parking bays, and blue badge bays.

But we also see the opportunity to apply the functionality to on street parking across town centres and assist with parking enforcement.

If you are interested to know more or to work with us as we look to delve into the data further, please contact us at [email protected]