Ethos VO (Valuable Outcomes) has its sights firmly fixed on the future of work. We have secured a partnership with California-based ClickUp, a tech start-up with a revolutionary new work management system. ClickUp will support Ethos VO’s flagship youth employment project, Young Leaders, by offering them free access to the software, and the company will share the successes of the young work experience candidates.

Ethos was founded in the early 2000s with the aim of generating positive social impact in the areas of wellbeing, non-hierarchical work and placemaking. Our founders have built the partnership on the belief that the world needs to re-invent work to make it fit more with the intrinsic human needs of people rather than solely focus on the productivity goals of organisations. Through experimentation, Ethos has developed a unique work approach that focuses work around the individual.

Ethos VO CEO and Founder Rob Pye said,

“Despite successfully incubating a number of projects and spin offs we found every software system has fallen short of our expectations.  ClickUp is the closest we have ever seen to what we need to support our unique way of working. There is a superb alignment of Ethos with ClickUp who – like us – are fundamentally all about changing the way we work.”

Annabelle Lambert is Rob’s co-founder and leads on people development and processes: she sees ClickUp as a way of linking companies on a common platform creating a more open environment.

She says,

“Our dream would be to offer our work model to every organisation and individual in the world! Our main focus right now is on disadvantaged adults. This system is free for them whilst they have little income or assets.”

ClickUp will promote Ethos as a free model for unemployed adults who can get the “free forever” workspace already offered by ClickUp plus an invitation to the Ethos workspace which would remain free whilst their income was less than £25,000 per annum. Unpaid volunteers will also benefit from free Enterprise licences to the Ethos ClickUp platform.

About Young Leaders

Young Leaders is an Ethos Work venture launched by the founders Rob Pye and Annabelle Lambert in 2020 as a response to the Covid emergency. The scheme offers training, development and purpose-driven work opportunities to anyone living anywhere in the UK, aged 16 – 24 and on Universal Credit. It is a youth-led solution developed by a team of partners and mentors from within the Ethos group. In 2021 it gathered momentum with funding from the UK government’s Kickstart Scheme and is now accelerating as more partners join. The scheme is achieving sustainability through work with organisations in the Thames Valley, and companies and charities throughout the UK. So far it has given paid work experience to 45 young adults, 3 of whom are now employed full-time by Ethos.

About ClickUp

ClickUp is a productivity software system founded in San Diego in 2017 by Zeb Evans with a vision of a better way to work.The stated goal of the company is to make people more productive by giving them back at least 20% of their time to dedicate to other things. The ClickUp app is designed to replace a multiplicity of apps. The company has grown to 800,000+ user teams, 40% of which are based outside of the US with 275,000 teams in Europe. The company counts the likes of Google, McDonald’s, and Netflix among its large enterprise customers.