We are partnering with Google to offer scholarships for the new Google Career Certificates. We are excited to help bring these scholarships to our Young Leaders, a community of young people working with us on the Ethos Platform. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to get fast-track learning to skills that are transferable to any type of organisation. The courses are usually charged on a £30 per month subscription, but will be entirely free for the six months of the work placement.

Our Co-Founder Annabelle Lambert says,

“Young Leaders do not need any relevant experience or a degree to complete this flexible, online job training. They just put all the skills, passion, and ambition they already have to work.”

Designed by Google, this self-paced, online training program prepares for careers in the high-growth fields of:

  • project management
  • user experience (UX) design
  • data analytics
  • IT support

With under 10 hours spent studying a week our Young Leaders can be prepped for a new career in under six months, combining this with their ‘on the job’ learning from the Ethos platform, based on our Value Exchange.

Joel Escayg leads our Young Leader cohort in managing the programme.

He says,

“This is a fantastic boost to our Young Leaders. Once they graduate from the Google Career Certificate program, they will be connected to relevant permanent job opportunities at companies who have openly expressed their interest in receiving applications from people who have completed a Google Career Certificate.”

Our Young Leaders can sign up here  
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We work with employers to provide opportunities for young people to do meaningful work while improving their skills in a remote work setting. See if your organization is eligible for support.