What does the future look like for Britain’s cities? One model is revealed on Ethos Future Cities’ newly launched website, along with live information on parking availability across the UK.

The website is part of a multi-media strategy to support sales of Future Cities’ three key product lines: Future Cities Parking – affordable, city-wide platforms that integrate artificial intelligence with sensor data to predict available parking spaces; Future Cities Retailproviding high street retailers with live footfall and density data; and Future Cities Active Mobility – low cost, high performance monitoring-and-response systems that make it possible for cyclists and pedestrian to share spaces safely.

The website features a case study of the world’s first multi-sensor (fixed and mobile) and multi-asset integrated parking and retail monitoring system, built by the Future Cities team in Guildford. Live information on parking and retail environments is being fed to businesses and local government, 24 hours a day.

The Future Cities Active Mobility system installed in the Woolwich and Greenwich Foot Tunnels, where it is helping to support the case for bylaw changes to make cycling permissible for the first time, is also showcased along with a Future Cities Parking system live data feed where you can check parking availability at locations around the UK.

For more information about Future Cities projects, please contact Martin de Heaver on 07447843507 | [email protected]