We are incredibly excited that Google EMEA is supporting its staff to be mentors for our Young Leaders. The volunteer mentors have already got active on our work platform and have been making appearances at our weekly online meeting of the Young Leader community.

Joel Escayg and Sohail Turner lead the project. They joined Ethos last year as young leaders and are interested in connecting young people to new opportunities. Joel says,

“Our Ethos Work Platform was built around Google’s GSuite. Around 30 of our current partners are young adults who have experienced a tough time with work transition and we are directly employing them through the Kickstart scheme and other funding sources such as the Home Office’s violence reduction strategy. We have Young Leaders interested in social media, videography, writing blogs, project management, games and the environment. The goal for mentors is to add value with guidance and employability advice. This could range from tips for applying for jobs and getting into sectors they are interested in to reviewing their LinkedIn profiles and CV tweaking.”

One of the first mentors to step forward was Chandni Rosser, a Programme Manager who gave an inspiring talk on her career and personal secret to success – setting goals and giving herself rewards for achieving small steps towards them. She explained we should be sensitive to our own needs and our energy levels – resting to maintain good performance and connecting with people who provide positive support.

After the talk, Young Leader Charlotte Kinloch said,

“I felt so inspired and motivated listening to Chandni. I feel that I want to run a marathon!”

Annabelle Lambert co-founder and designer of the Ethos Work Platform, says, 

“Our partnership with Google is all about person to person communication. It is really good for mentors to tell our young leaders about some of their experiences of applying for jobs and their career journeys. So far 11 fantastic Google volunteers have  enrolled on our platform and undertaken a value exchange. Our weekly Google Meet brings together around 20 young leaders for a live speaker session. Typical questions they ask Googlers are,  “What is it like working for Google? How did you get your job?  How did you find your ‘why’?” Young Leaders then pair up with one of the mentors to establish an ongoing relationship.”

Google mentor, Telmo Martins, is a Senior Recruiter at Google. He shared with us his motivation for volunteering: 

“The low quality advice or lack of it that young people get when pursuing their first steps into higher education or career is a pain spot for me. As a recruiter I feel it’s my duty to fill that gap and uplift young people who may have not been as set for success as others or haven’t started with the same resources.”

Want to help young people? Get involved ….

This partnership with Google builds on our scheme to offer scholarships for Google Career Certificates in sought-after workplace skills. We are keen to work with employers and funders to provide opportunities for young people to do meaningful work while improving their skills in a remote work setting.  To offer help, contact us or arrange a free value exchange with our own Ethos experts and we can help you identify what you can do to help young people in the future of work!   

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