Ethos Smart, the leading provider of Smart City services, and Seme4, UK-based experts in semantic web and linked data applications have announced a strategic partnership to deliver digital platforms to solve challenges that help cities become smarter – saving money, increasing revenues and delivering improved services.

The capabilities of the organisations are complimentary, with Ethos Smart performing the systems integration & service provision and Seme4 providing applications that will allow the dynamic manipulation of data.

Tim Organ, CEO of Seme4 commented:

“We welcome the opportunity to work with Ethos Smart in developing solutions to meet the vision of Smart City initiatives in the UK.”

About Seme4:

Seme4 is a UK-based Linked Data solutions company providing expert knowledge, advice and solutions on the use of Linked Data and Web 3.0 technology.  It provides services to a wide range of businesses and organisations. including blue chip companies, international corporations, the defence industry, the third sector and major news & broadcasting organisations.

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