Wellbeing is the foundation for all social value.

We have found that most individuals understand the word Wellbeing. Few understand social value in the first person sense. Are you well physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially? What about not being well? Think of the opposite of being well? The costs and negative outcomes of ‘un-wellness’. Examples:
  • Being off sick from work (higest number of people currently off sick than any time over the last 10 years. Source: CIPD) => Cost to employers, cost to health system?
  • Being unemployed => Social security costs. NHS costs. Police costs.
  • Commit a homicide => Police alone will spend £1m in investigations (Source: Home Office)
We (people and planet) are not short of money. We are short on wellbeing.
Here are three things we are working on:

Individual Wellbeing: Separate but supporting our teampolice.org project (which is wellbeing through sport for 300,000 officers and staff), we deliver a cost-effective wellbeing intervertion called Value Exchange (VE). VE is a whole person preventative approach rather than a role oriented approach. It can be implemented at team level or whole of workforce level.

Delivering community impact through the Social Value Act: We are building a community of Government buyers and sellers, both using the Social Value Act as a means to deliver more real social value projects in the heart of communities. Projects that really matter to the communities.

Volunteering: We think the delivery model for business volunteering lacks vision and potential Imagine a world where all your employees are volunteering towards the causes that really matter to them (they get to choose!), and imagine you are easily able to support them with donations going directly to the causes that matter to them. Your organisation gets a nice pretty dashboard each month to monitor what your people really care about. Your only effort is making donations directly to those causes. No management overhead anymore.

If you would like to find out more or have ideas or can support our work in any of the above areas then do please get in touch!