Annabelle Lambert


My story starts with me wanting to be a full time Mum and wanting to work in a role I could engage my brain in. I do both!

Since 1999 I’ve worked for in some shape or form. Back then it wasn’t called Ethos, but we were definitely on the journey. I reckon I have been involved in some way, at some point in time, with all the projects that have ever travelled through on their social value journey. In 2019, I was involved in founding TeamPolice and in 2020, I co-led our Young Leaders initiative, which took us on a journey to truly test our Value Exchange practice with 65 Young People. We dropped them into our system and supported them to find their way as designed by them. It was about them not us. It was a most amazing experience and is definitely the source of where the journey has travelled to now and the recent emergence of The Commons Fund. I loved working with our Young Leaders, but now taking what that experience taught us and adding to that what we’ve learned over the last 25 years, combined with the growing and accelerating problems we face in the world, I feel incredibly motivated about the change we are looking to deliver via The Commons Fund. This is about enabling:

Time for system change

Unlocking Innovation + Passion for people and planet wellbeing amongst 1.5bn people currently considered economically inactive

Lived experience within communities to find the time and the funding to solve the problems they are so well positioned to solve

most exciting for me

It’s creating the Future of Work, Now! AI job displacement is already happening and with TCF we are creating an opportunity to explore a more meaningful future of work. Let’s not wait and see what happens, let’s get on with creating the work we want to engage in and drive wellbeing for people and planet in the process.

April 2024