Chris Agnos

The Library Economy (TLE)

Demonstrated prowess in financial management by meticulously gathering program requirements, leading diverse international teams, anticipating financial risks, planning and ensuring budget adherence during deployments of Peoplesoft Finance and HR, all while fostering trust, maintaining budget integrity, and ensuring cohesive, motivated teams that deliver ROI.

Spearheaded a financial transformation by designing and deploying an Excel-based custom project management tool, intricately modeled and coded using Visual Basic. This innovation streamlined financial reporting, resource allocation, and facilitated precise financial management statements. By enhancing budget forecasting accuracy and ensuring timely financial data analysis, it was pivotal to optimizing budget utilization, leading to enhanced profitability and improved client satisfaction.

Founded Sustainable Human, a sustainability storytelling agency. Skillfully navigated the financial intricacies of non-profit management by regularly analyzing and interpreting P&L, balance sheets, and cash flow statements to ensure fiscal responsibility. Collaborated with global thought leaders to produce powerful video stories while maintaining stringent budgetary controls.

Invited to speak around the world about the intersection of storytelling and sustainability including TED and the International Roundtable on Sustainability by CNMI.