The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 29 – Out Now!

We are so pleased to be sharing another wonderful conversation and story, this week with Lucy Lynch. Lucy is currently the Head of Graduate Partnerships for the Nurture Programme at Eden Smith. We were hugely privileged to talk with Lucy about her work journey, starting life in the Midlands in the 1970s, her travelling, education, Battersea Dogs Home, being a returner to work and finding her current day activities and understanding she is by nature a nurturer, wants to give back and really enjoys helping people. We also discuss thoughts on technology and how it is simply an enabler (or should be) and not take over the good that is being a human, the importance of storytelling, for understanding data and particularly for oneself.  Also how organisational culture needs to be accessible to prospective employees and the importance of the Arts to Lucy and for everyone. And much much more. Such a richness of stories. Enjoy!


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Youtube video – Episode 29: Lucy Lynch – Creating a Lucy* shaped hole  (click to watch)

Podcast – Episode 29: Lucy Lynch – Creating a Lucy* shaped hole (click to listen)

TRANSCRIPT – Episode 29: Lucy Lynch – Creating a Lucy* shaped hole – COMING SOON!