The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 34 – Engage Brain!

Lovely to share this week’s story with you as we spent some time chatting with Pranay Sanklecha. Great to talk to Pranay about his growing mission to help people think more deeply, and the benefits that can ensue from taking some of the practice of philosophy and applying it to real life. We talk about how we all can be wrong about anything, we talk East vs West culture, getting energy from not pretending (and other places),  the human desire to be seen and heard and have real connection with each other, plus many more things. One of our favourites being that there is an art to disagreement. Something we would all do well to practise more wethinks! 

And just for the record the answer to the Question of Life, the Universe and Everything is of course 42 (not 43!)



Youtube video –  Episode 34: Pranay Sanklecha – Helping people think deeper (click to watch)

Podcast –  Episode 34: Pranay Sanklecha – Helping people think deeper (click to listen)

TRANSCRIPT – Episode 34: Pranay Sanklecha – Helping people think deeper COMING SOON!