The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 37 – It’s time!


This week we had a lovely opportunity to speak with Dmitry Fedotov, Operations Director at The Youth Association, one of the country’s oldest youth work organisations, founded in 1904. Dmitry talks to us about how part of his passion for youth work stems from his own experiences having been a migrant at the age of 5, moving to South Yorkshire from the former Soviet Union, Latvia to be precise. This certainly fuelled his desire to follow a pathway of helping people. We talk about the lost generation of youth workers, how cutting the youth work sector has meant that those who had no support in this way now don’t even know this support exists as an opportunity. This is a problem that we need to solve. We talk about the principles of youth work and how this informal, voluntary education, delivered in social groups with no fixed goal in sight really enables young people to not only learn great stuff but also follow a pathway that is right for them, not just squashing themselves into spaces they really don’t fit. Plus, of course, much much more. Dmitry is a super passionate person so prepare to be inspired. There is a lot we can all learn from this wonderfully people centred approach to helping young people.


TRANSCRIPT – Episode 37: Dmitry Fedotov – Time to recognise the value of Youth Work COMING SOON!