The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 38 – Char, Char, Char!

A lovely opportunity to catch up with the wonderful Carolyn Dare this week. Sharing with us quite some transition she has experienced over the last few years.  Having moved from Belgium to support her elderly parents, Brexit killing her people and change work of many years, to now and how she has found herself engaged in many community projects from climate hubs, to a most inspiring initiative around Biochar, which everyone really should know about. It’s something that we could all get involved in at a community level, impacting food, biodiversity, community engagement and natural sustainability amongst other things. We also discuss coaching outside and the difference it makes to the outcomes, the importance of moments of Awe and that this is really all not just about planting trees. Prepare to be inspired. 


To find out more about Carolyn and her work visit:

TRANSCRIPT – Episode 38: Carolyn Dare – Biochar; People meets Place meets Planet COMING SOON!