The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 53 – Out now!


This week we were delighted to catch up with former colleague, Elisa Tuijnder. Elisa was a wonderful mentor to many of our Young Leaders, and built herself quite a team of enthusiastic, highly energetic and creative young folk in support of her starting up her own inclusive events organisation, Sardines. Now working for Management 3.0, based in Berlin, Elisa talks to us about how she came to work in events via academic conferences and how inclusivity became important to her  in that space. She talks about how much joy she got from working with the young leaders and how being well travelled  she ponders often the similarities she has found across the world and amongst humans in  general, wherever they might be based. Super interesting and wise words to be heard. Check it out!


TRANSCRIPT –  Episode 53 – Elisa Tuijnder – Time to focus on the things that bind us COMING SOON!