The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 61 – Out now!


Delighted to be sharing this week’s story from Jimmy Paul, currently Head of Scotland’s Violence Reduction Unit. Jimmy shares his story from an early upbringing in East London where violence was prevalent, to entering the care system at 11yrs, a very unpleasant experience for Jimmy, but he recalls much kindness from teachers, helping him not get consumed by experiences often viewed as the “pipeline to prison”, and helping him get to Edinburgh University to study Geography, this was his plan. From Uni he experienced a period of unemployment and working in jobs which were simply not invested in him. However he eventually made his way to the NHS, and although travelling in different directions,  he’s always held a deep seated thread of social justice in his roles, via being the co-chair at the Independent Care Review in Scotland and understanding the importance of listening, to the Wellbeing Economy Alliance and to today at the Scottish Violence Reduction unit, where he is on a mission for a world where everyone has a role to play in violence reduction, primary prevention in the community is super important, working with those with lived experience is key and hoping that the VRU will one day simply just not be needed. An aim we can’t disagree with.  Check it out!


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TRANSCRIPT Episode 61 – Jimmy Paul – Building a world with no need for charity COMING SOON!