The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 62 – Out now!


Such a wonderful story we are sharing this week. Huge thanks to Andy Stern for joining us. Andy is the Co-founder of Workers Benefit Fund , President Emeritus SEIU, one of the largest unions in the US, and author of “Raising The Floor”. Andy begins his story with growing up with a sense of justice and being bothered from an early age by inequity. Despite not having come across unions early in his life he tells of how his passion to empower people with little or no power led him on a path towards SEIU. He talks about the importance of serving his union members everyday and about the bringing together of Walk a day in my shoes, where he worked with Barack Obama and others to help understand the lives and work of the union members. He also shares his interest in technology and an awareness that technology was always going to be disruptive, that went without saying, but the problem was that no one was really thinking about the impact on human beings, the workers. Somewhat ahead of his time in discussing this issue and the Future of Work more generally in his book “Raising the Floor” and how this has led him to be a supporter of Basic Income.  Plus much much more. Check it out!


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