The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 65 – Out Now!


We had the great privilege recently to speak with Natalie Foster, co-Founder of the Economic Security project in the US and author of recently released The Guarantee. Inside the fight for America’s next economy. Natalie shares with us how her father’s role as a Preacher led her at an early age to shared purpose and optimism and on then going to university how community organising was something that came as very natural to her. She talks of her experience of bringing people together around various causes, her role running President Obama’s digital team back in 2009,  some of the biggest social media activity of the time. She shares the impact on her of discovering the answer to Darrick Hamilton’s question – What is the purpose of the economy? Plus realising that trickle down economics is leaving the majority of people high and dry. Her mission became one of creating a new story for economic policy making. We talk about how the pandemic led to the most amazing opportunity to put social economic reform into action across the US, creating the stories that prove things can be different and strengthening the point that the “economy is a house that we build”. Natalie talks us through her seven guarantees (Family Care, Housing, Debt free college, Healthcare, Good Work, Income and Inheritance) and makes the point that there can be others. That really can be down to us. Plus much much more. Be prepared to be inspired and filled with hope that things can really be different. Check it out!


TRANSCRIPT Episode 65 – Natalie Foster – The economy is a house that WE build COMING SOON!