On this, our very first webinar, we had a small enough group for everyone to introduce themselves and tell us what their definitions would be off the top of their heads as to what exactly they feel is meant by social value.  What an interesting (and quite well aligned) set of views. Mark posed the question (social value as an individual would define or organisation?). How interesting that these even could mean different things.

See the video below. Link to interesting pieces AND come along to a future webinar. They will all be highly interactive, fun and insightful – promise!


If you click onto weekly webinar #1 on YouTube you can see key moments that may be interesting to “graze” (just expand the description below the video and there are many links) if you do not have time for the whole video.  Our aim is not to compete with the click-bait type format of sensational media but to lay things down in a slow, more considered way, much like you might build a treasured record collection or wine cellar which will improve and mature with time.  Not losing its relevancy. Only gaining it.

Ground rules for the webinar.  This week (what is Social Value?)

Meet Annabelle:  and Rob:

Meet some of the participants: Joel who was a Young Leader and Ethos employee for a year or so after the programme.  Sohail was a Young Leader too. He’s landed his dream job as a game developer. Catherine McL was an early Ethos partner.   Jude connected with Ethos a while back:  Ian Johnson used to work in the same team as the three Ethos founders 23 years ago – but has avoided their lure so far!   Mark came across Ethos many years ago:

Attendees describe Social Value in their terms (brilliant) starting with a question:  (worth watching for 5 minute!!)

Why is their no general definition of Social Value on Wikipedia – doh. Just UK Government procurement:

Participants reflections on the social value discussion (worth listening for 7 minutes from Ian and Jude primarily)

What would you like more of less of next time? Jude talks about the model and format of the webinar and we discuss the connection between social value and self-interest (fascinating!). The webinar already resulted a connections!


AND of course come and join us on our Digital Commons for more discussion and actions on social value. What is means to you, your communities, your work, employees, customers and stakeholders.